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Compatible Web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE9, IE7, IE8
Documents Included: CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON
High Resolution: No
Tags: php data monitoring, php documents manager, php upload and also download, php download system, php subscription system, php member download, php download administration system, php download manager
Software Variation: MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.0 – 5.2, PHP 5.3
Last Update: 24 September 11
Created: 26 June 11



 Member Download is a PHP application which you could use to develop an easy download neighborhood.
As an admin, you will certainly have the ability to create participant accounts, upload data, assign accessing legal rights, view download background chart as well as
view message based logs.
As a user, once you login with your participant account, you can download and install files that admin has actually appointed to you. All download files
will be automobile zipped (ala Gmail download).

Member Download serves several objectives.

You could use it as a membership system to let participants to download their files.

You can use it as download supervisor.

Take a look at the demo web page for information.

What users say:

I have attempted various other programs from this person and assistance is constantly all set to assist. Great task If you require a great download facility people.

excellent manuscript!


ZipArchive( PHP 5 >>= 5.2.0, PECL zip >>= 1.1.0).


variation 1.1.

included demonstration setting.

download big file(<< 4G). auto erase zip documents after eventually. Features:. Fully ajax powered application. Good as well as simple style. Easy and effective admin managing panel. Uploadify powered flash uploader. Google chart powered graph. Easy to use permission task panel. Vehicle zip download files. Video clip Preview:. Guidebook documents is consisted of in download documents. I have actually attempted out many others. This is by much the finest one. I have tried various other programs from this individual as well as assistance is always all set to help. Fantastic task If you require a great download center guys. This is the one. Learn From Applying Email Marketing How To Benefit If you should be currently managing a prosperous company, you might have currently applied lots of the advertising techniques on the market. But if you haven't applied an email marketing campaign, you could be passing up on larger achievement. Here are some helpful ways to market your organization through mail, to help you leave no rock unturned in your quest for superiority. A fantastic suggestion for email marketing would be to follow-up with a few type of update on services or your products that you are offering. For example, you may put in a "purchase now" feature onto your email. The closing of the mail might advise your readers to bear in mind the upsell also. Try following up with a free guarantee on your products or services, when contacting clients. You may insert an order about the e-mail that informs them to have this warranty instantly. The finishing P.S. Can tell them to behave today and never to miss this possibility that is extraordinary to try something they could appreciate out. As soon as your e-mails can venture out logically program. If it is a thing that they have to act on rapidly, people don't like getting emails at times that are undesirable, especially. Be by making people to benefit from your presents practical and possible careful, and you will have significantly more revenue than you normally could. Offer customers of having a plain text version of your email marketing resources or even a richtext version, the choice. Buyers may select the alternative once they sign up for your newsletter, they favor. Plain-text types don't contain design, consequently buyers with spam filters that are overactive or slower associations might recognize this method. Don't take permanent house within your followers in-boxes up. Keep in mind that they e-mail to get a quantity a reasons, to family from function. You're probably discussing that area with other entrepreneurs. Send communications typically enough out more than once a week, although to keep on their intellectual radar might be likely to frustrate them-and backfire. Not only in the event you provide your customers by having an simple way to unsubscribe, but in addition you need to make sure that it switches into effect quickly. Receiving emails when they have unsubscribed can give a poor impact about you, harming any future interactions together to readers. Procedure needs to unsubscribe immediately. It's a lot more effective to build your personal email list for email marketing acquire the companies of the advertising firm that's their particular databases, or than to get alist. The reason behind that is that everybody who submits their email address to be an element of your record is enthusiastic about the services or products that you simply need to supply. This type of person a lot more likely to be sensitive for your e mail. Being the very best means utilizing approaches and all-the resources open to one to create your business. You have a great potential for being the top if you are using the methods organized in this specific article. Make sure to use these to craft an email marketing campaign you will be proud of.