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: 14 November 15.



 (Flappy Bird Design Video game) makes use of customizable graphics, audio, simple customization for every aspect of the video game. GameCenter Integration!! (Leaderboards and also Success).


Added 3 levels of trouble (with three different categories )
Added Press Notice setup with the web solution Parse (even more details:
Interstitial Advertisement (by AdBuddiz).

Develop your “Flappy Bird” style app game, you just need to alter some graphics documents:.

‘ Bird’ (in this application is an Astronaut).
History picture (in this app is the Space).
Challenge (in this application is debris. various type!).
App Symbol, Introduce Photo.
Good remuneration by integrating Ad!

Modification Preferences:.

// Gameplay – astronaut motion.
fixed const float kGravity = -1500.0;.
fixed const float kImpulse = 400.0;.

// Gameplay – ground speed.
fixed const float kGroundSpeed = 150.0 f;.

// Gameplay – challenges placing.
static const float kGapMultiplier = 2.0;.
fixed const float kBottomObstacleMinFraction = 0.1;.
fixed const float kBottomObstacleMaxFraction = 0.6;.

// Gameplay – challenges timing.
static const float kFirstSpawnDelay = 1.75;.
fixed const float kEverySpawnDelay = 1.5;.

// Looks.
static const int kNumForegrounds = 2;.
fixed const float kMargin = 20;.
fixed const float kAnimDelay = 0.3;.
static NSString * const kFontName = @” PressStart2P”;.

// Application ID.
fixed const int APP_STORE_ID = 827219677;.

If you have a concept for a new “flappy bird” style, with this application you will recognize quickly!

The application includes integration with Video game Facility + Overview GameCenter:.

Leaderboards (leading score).
Accomplishments (9 components).

You could find this app on app Shop: search “Room Debris!” it’s Totally free!!

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