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Files Included: JavaScript JS, CSS, HTML
Last Update: 10 April 17
Tags: elevation, creative, js, bmi, kind, health club, Body Mass Index, jquery, calculator, weight, html, diet plan, bmi calculator, receptive, php
High Resolution: Yes
Suitable Browsers: Chrome, IE11, Safari, Opera, Edge, Firefox
Software program Variation: jQuery
Developed: 10 April 17



 FitForm BMI Calculator can be incorporated with HTMl, Javascript as well as PHP applications quickly.
It determines BMI based on height/weight and also Reveals cause lovely way.
It likewise gives more info about BMI, offered by trusted resource such as World Wellness Company( THAT).

Fully customizable Fonts, Color styles and Area.
Simple as well as very lightweight to incorporate.
Mobile Friendly
If Ft/inch are gone into, immediately determines Centimeter.
Use Imperial( inches/pounds( lb)) as well as Metric System( centimeter, Kg) based on comfort of customer.
Developed Using Durable jQuery as well as jQuery Easing Plugin.
Essential notes and precautions given.
Assistance for HTML, Javascript and also PHP Applications.

Valuable for:

Fitness centers
Health Clubs
Nutrition Internet sites
Health and wellness Internet sites
Health and fitness Centers
And several more …

Purchase Extended Permit to Incorporate with your themes/templates and offer on Themeforest/ Codecanyon.

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