Official price: 29$ | Demo url


Files Consisted of: PHP, HTML, JavaScript JS, CSS
Produced: 7 January 15
Last Update: 9 January 17
Software application Variation: PHP 5.5, PHP 5.3, PHP 7.x, PHP 5.4
Tags: xhtml, tinymce, upload, flatcms, centimeters, bootstrap, site, handle, protection, data
Suitable Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE9, Safari, Opera, IE11



 FLATCMS– The most easy centimeters there is
Transform any kind of existing static site into a CMS material monitoring system in a few minutes. Edit, upload, resize and handle files and also photos.
FLATCMS could be utilized on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone . Functions with language documents (currently readily available English, Spanish, Italian, German and also Dutch ). Produce in mins a centimeters for a client with fixed html data.
Makes use of Bootstrap, Ideal protection (with brute pressure security), xHTML legitimate sourcecode and the most recent TinyMCE 4

FLATCMS is among the most straightforward Content Management System (CMS) there is. With FLATCMS the owner of a website could conveniently edit the material. This does not need any kind of knowlegde about web sites or HTML.

You could install FLATCMS in any existing website or just make use of a html template. You offer the HTML-files with some editable area tags. FLATCMS will certainly after that understand which components it’s permitted to modify. No matter if you made the HTML-files on your own or if they’re made by software like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Workshop Webdesign, WebCreator etc

. As a Manager you have your very own login code. This permits you to quickly change the setup, like hiding specific folders, switch on/off buttons for numerous buildings settings in the (WYSIWYG) Editor or transforming the language and also set the login code for a user.
Most likely to to look at the demonstration (admin and also descriptions).

I likewise made a little demo with a one web page bootstrap template and also flatcms.
Most likely to and also check into the resource exactly how I included the editable areas.
Go to to log in and see how it resembles in the admin (login admin– 1 ). I made this example in 10 mins!

An additional demonstration has been made with my facebook landings web page. I added some personalized obstructs so the web content will be filled with facebook data yet the customer could add some additional message in those blocks. See Personalized Text header
From there you could click to see the admin (login admin– 1 ).
It’s really simple to mount FLATCMS.

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