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Last Update: 9 September 13
High Resolution: No
Documents Included: JavaScript JS, CSS, HTML, Layered PSD
Tags: colorbox, lightbox, style, jquery, skin
Created: 5 September 13
Compatible Web browsers: IE9, Firefox, Chrome, IE10, Safari



 This pack includes 12 motifs for “Colorbox– a jQuery Lightbox”. Several source PSDs are also available if you should make modifications to a few of the image sprites. The themes consisted of are:

Vintage: Formed history w/ vignette shadow and also luxuriant corners

Dark-Rimmed: Big next/previous switches on the sides, and a nice transparent caption overlay

Minimal: For the minimalist/artsy site. Light greys as well as white.

Marginal v2– Circles: Variation on a very little style with bigger circular navigation

Lay out/ Toon: Functions inscription as a tooltip, as well as huge vibrant buttons

NoImage: A much better default beginning motif without any photos

NoImage Rounded: Rounded edge version (CSS3 border-radius).

NoImage Blue: Makes use of various shades of blue. Example of the best ways to color the motif.

Photograph: Styled like a polaroid, and images have an inset darkness.

Fancy Overlay: A precise, common theme with tiny black & & white switches for navigation and closing.

Shadow: Totally concentrate on the photo, with a dark background & & a 1-pixel boundary.

WoodTable: The 2nd coolest style in the lot, with a light wood background and also skeuomorphic image holders on the corners.

A screenshot preview is offered for each motif. Complete paperwork and also motif previewing is included in readme.html.

This pack includes 12 motifs for “Colorbox– a jQuery Lightbox”. A number of resource PSDs are additionally readily available if you need to make alterations to some of the picture sprites. The motifs included are:

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