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Suitable Browsers: Firefox, Side, Chrome, Safari, IE10, IE11, Opera
Tags: web browser video game, fullscreen, full display, line, poultry, android video game, mobile video game, animals, fox, html5 game, html5, iOS VIDEO GAME, pixel, horizontal
Files Consisted of: JavaScript JS, HTML
Last Update: 2 February 16
Developed: 2 February 16
Software program Version: HTML5, GameMaker 1.4.x



 Live sneak peek
include html5 game

Ways to play ChickLine:
Tap The Screen To Removal The Hen. Video Sneak peek

Game Made with Video game Maker Workshop
. Video game Maker Workshop Job Documents included + all source
. Easy to change audios without (Game Maker Workshop)
all NubiaStudio html5 games.

Video game Made with Game Manufacturer Studio
. Game Manufacturer Studio Task File included + all resource
. Easy to alter audios without (Video game Manufacturer Studio)
. Can Modify photo file with a photo editor to change the game’s appearance

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